Caravan loan repayments calculator

Caravan ownership is one of the great Australian dreams next to home and car ownership. Hitching your caravan or camper trailer to the back of your car and hitting the open road to explore what this country has to offer is an unmatched experience. If you aren’t quite sure if you can afford a caravan, use our caravan finance calculator to see if a caravan loan is within your reach. You might be surprised at what you find. Enter the values below and get an instant approximate of how much you’ll be paying each month, fortnight or week.

 Your repayments$0.00
Total interest paid: $0.00
Total amount to pay: $60,444.00

The repayment amount shown using this calculator is an estimate, based on information you have provided. It is provided for illustrative purposes only and actual repayment amounts may vary. To find out actual repayment amounts, contact us. This calculation does not constitute a quote, loan approval, agreement or advice by Savvy. It does not take into account your personal or financial circumstances. To apply for a car loan, you must complete our online application. All applications are subject to our lenders' credit assessment criteria. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.

Things you should know about caravan loans – tips and tricks

Find out the ultimate finance tips, industry news from Savvy.

How to get the best caravan finance?

Find out the ultimate finance tips, industry news from Savvy. How to get the best caravan finance? If you want to get the best deal on caravan finance, follow this five step plan. First:

  • Figure out your finances: pay off debts or pay them down, gather your payslips and bank statements and fix your credit history if it has errors
  • Set a realistic budget: what you can afford to spend each month on caravan loan repayments, after bills, rent, etc.
  • Compare loans but don't apply: get as much information as you can, but don't apply for loans until you're absolutely sure
  • Use a broker: A broker has buying power that an individual doesn't - it can save you lots
  • Talk to an expert: Talk to someone in the know before committing to a deal.

What type of RV or caravan is best?

This question is best answered with a question: what type of leisure vehicle does you or your family need? Here's a short sample of what's available.

  • Full size caravans - the traditional mobile home, coming in various sizes and with various features.
  • Recreational Vehicles or RVs are perfect for people who want to combine their vehicle with their living space. It has many modern conveniences, though it's extremely hard to park.
  • Pop-top/pop-out or wind-out caravans - caravans that drive compact but extend outwards. Good for saving fuel, but you sacrifice storage space.
  • Fifth wheeler caravans - the "big boss" caravans that offer ample space and creature comforts. Think Big Hollywood star or rock n' roll style caravans!