Income Protection Insurance

Get tailored made income protection insurance cover on your terms

Income protection insurance

Get tailored made income protection insurance cover on your terms

More benefits

Did you know up to 84% of Australians don’t have adequate income protection insurance? Worryingly, Australians are three percent less likely to have coverage compared with similar industrialised nations. Income protection is vital if you want to protect your family’s financial security in the event you cannot work due to major illness, injury or sudden redundancy.

Savvy assists families and individuals find the correct level of cover with the highest amount of benefits. We help you through terms and conditions and everything you need to know about your coverage so you can rest easy.

Insurance that suits you

Savvy’s team of professional insurance brokers help find a level of income protection cover that suits your situation and needs.

  • We help employees, entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed
  • No medical tests required
  • We find cover for people who require a guaranteed gross income of up to 85%
  • Choose between stepped or level premiums
  • Find premiums with cover for involuntary redundancy
  • Ask about additional benefits and extras cover

Why Choose Savvy?

We are accredited with most reputable lenders in Australia giving you a fair choice to compare

Income Protection Insurance Guides

Income protection insurance helpful guides

Gain all the benefits

The brokers at Savvy are trusted names in the income protection industry. When you purchase cover from brokers, you are dealing with consumer advocates that push insurance companies to deliver. Don’t go it alone – go with Savvy by your side.

No Medical Tests

Savvy can help you find insurance premiums that don’t require invasive medical tests. We can set up your income cover over the phone with minimum fuss and in no time. Savvy helps you through the process, making coverage as straightforward and easy as possible.

Benefits and extras

You can also improve your premium with optional benefits and extras, such as:

  • Recurring disability benefits
  • Transplant or cosmetic surgery cover
  • Coverage for specific injuries, if you’re a worker with a special skill
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Accident cover from the day of your incapacitation
  • Business expenses and incidentals coverage

Ask about trauma and total permanent disability insurance

Savvy also helps people find trauma and total permanent disability insurance in the event you may no longer work due to an injury or change in your health. This helps you recover lost income. Available with lump sum or periodic payments and a range of coverage options suiting your budget and family’s needs.